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Core Benefits

For Specialists/Doctors

  • Log in for video chat and consultation
  • Interact with patients through video chat
  • Additional income and assured and timely payments
  • Globally extend your experience and reputation and influence


For Patients

  • Video consultation with specialist of international repute
  • Confidence to travel to a metro city and connect suitably
  • Certainty about post treatment consultation
  • Send a query for video consultation and travel to India for tertiary care
  • Economical specialist advice in tier 2 (and beyond) cities from Metros and from advanced countries for Indian patients


For Nursing Homes/Hospitals

  • Log in for video consultation on behalf of patient
  • Appointment scheduling with specialist of international repute for video consultation
  • Additional income
  • Maintain a list of previous transactions and appointment scheduling
  • Grow your patient and influence base

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