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  What's within iClinic corporate services?

 Doctor Online 24x7 Web or Video chat with general practitioner

 Written Medical Advice – Send reports and receive opinions and advices

 Video Call with Specialist through appointment from any location

 Health Monitor Section with Health Risk Assessment

 Check your BMI and BMR with our BMI, BMR Calculators

 Life style advisor with Dietician services and De-addiction advisor

 Stress management, Medicine advisor services with Life style advisor

 Patient Forum - Read articles by patients and interact with them

 Online Help - Chat with our online advisor, seek guidance and help

 Symptom Checker - Analyse yourself – Find over 1000's of ailments

 Get Allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic inputs with Symptom Checker

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Our Healthcare Partners

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to entire iClinic Healthcare team for their wonderful support. From the time of consultation till discharge they were with me. Really your care had just given me a feeling of family.

by Rekha

I had a wonderful experience at iClinic, where I could get first class consult from a key physician for my ailment The appointment was on time and I could get personalized attention. Overall it's was a nice feeling.

by Moumita Chatterjee

I am very much satisfied with a consulting and I will surely others.

by Gaurav Shahi

iClinic is trying best to send specialist care to farthest locations of India. Where specialist care is difficult to get.

by Dr. Amit Shrivastav
Neurologist (M.D, D.M)

I felt the doctor is sitting to me. They way specialist of iClinic asked my problems plus he talked in a very clear way. I didn't felt the specialist is away from me.

by J.K. Diwan